Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Very Cherry - Cherry flavor cupcakes! A piece of cherry in every bite! These are made with fresh cherries, maraschino cherries, and homemade apple sauce (Pink Lady). Cherry whipped frosting and topped with one fresh cherry. (Seasonal flavor).

The cupcakes below are made with
Rainer Cherries, which are sunny yellow cherries and red on one side. These are seasonal.

*Inspired for my friend Cherri.


Luan said...

These were absolutely awesome. It's sweet, but not "i need a drink!" sweet. The cherry flavors were mild but noticeable. And the best part were they were made with real cherries! Every now and then, when you bite into it, there are pieces of cherries in the cupcake!

Cherri said...

Very Cherry indeed! The awesomest cupcake ever! I love that you get a piece of cherry in every bite... your tastebuds get a happy surprise with each bite! yummmmmmieeeee! Its sweet but not toothache sweet and the cherry flavors were not too overpowering... they were just right! It's a must try! Make sure to enjoy every bite and savor the flavor!! =)