Monday, October 19, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake!

As of recent, Genki Living has picked up this flavor as a "regular" in the store. So far, I've kept the cupcake's special characteristic and origin a mystery. The inspiration for these cupcakes were drawn from a Good Humor Ice Cream Bar. A wonderful strawberry shortcake flavor I've often enjoyed.

This cupcake is made of a vevelty almond flavored cake derived from my own Red Velvet recipe. The strawberry cream filling is made with real strawberries and heavy cream. No artificial flavoring. The whole cupcake is then topped with cream cheese frosting and dipped into strawberry shortcake cookie crumbs. MMmmmm...

No, it's not an ice cream bar but it does taste just like it, if it was a cupcake. =)

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TuTu Cupcakes said...

Wow! These look so delicious, my mouth is watering thinking about how good it probably tastes!