Thursday, September 25, 2008


Longan is native to Southern China and is also found in many areas of Southeast Asia. Its name "Longan" literally means "dragon eyes". When the fruit has been shelled, it will reveal an obvious transparent flesh and through this, you can see its small black seed. All together, it resembles an eyeball and so, there is the origin of its name.



Longan is usually in season in the Summer to late Summer months. It is often used in East Asian soups, snacks, and desserts. You can often find them dried or canned.


Heather said...

can you eat the Longan alone? and can it be bought in America?

Animated Cupcakes said...

Well, good food is always best when shared with others. But if your not the sharing type...sure! why not eat it alone. =) You can by Longan in America at international supermarkets or specialty supermarkets.