Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello Kitty vs. Spiderman!

One lucky classroom at Taft Elementary will be getting these controversial mini cupcakes. In the battle between cuteness and heroics, one must put aside proper manners and chivalry to fully indulge guilt free. Besides, how can you resist these treats?!

Thank you Laura for your order! Featured below are Cream Cheese Vanilla cupcakes (Hello Kitty) & Chocolate cupcakes (Spiderman). ENJOY!

Hello Kitty vs. Spiderman
Cream Cheese Vanilla cupcakes w/Hello Kitty ring toppers
Cream Cheese Vanilla cupcakes w/vanilla frosting & royal icing flower
Spiderman cupakes w/edible candy eyes
Spiderman cupcakes toppers
Boxed and ready to go!

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