Sunday, October 18, 2009

Access DENIED!!!

Hi fellow cupcake lovers! I recently brought some homemade cupcakes to 3hundred in Anaheim, CA, for a friend's birthday party and was informed that there would be a $25 fee for outside food! For a party of 30 friends, taking up 4 bowling lanes and boozing it up, the venue could not comp us the fee. How horrible. The owners of this place must not have friends who care enough to personally make anything for them. I think this is a case of misplaced resentment. I emailed Erin & Theron, the respective sales and district managers my sympathies. I'm still waiting for a response. Unfortunately, I had to take my cupcakes elsewhere.... =(

Featured below or OREO Surprise! Vanilla cupcakes with one whole Oreo cookie baked right in! Topped with Cream Cheese frosting & Oreo cookie crumbs. ENJOY!

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