Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cupcake Camp OC

FINALLY! I have time to update my blog! Here are the photos from Cupcake Camp OC. Photos were provided by MK3 Photography. My entries for the contest was as follows:

1. Most Unique/Exotic flavor: "Le Nette" (Saffron Lychee w/Lychee buttercream frosting)
2. Most O.C.: "Little Hieuy's" AKA Coconut Mango Ginger
3. Most Childhood Memory: "Good Humors" aka Strawberry Shortcake

A special thanks to Jennee Vu, who made those wonderful fondant Saffron flowers for me! You are the best!!

"Le Nette" was so named after my friend who texted me everyday "Saffron Cupcakes". And at first it was a bit obnoxious but the recipe turned out to be so great that I'll probably "take it to my grave". "Little Hieuy's" was also named after a friend who's scrutinizing taste-buds made me strive for better. The "Good Humors" was something of my own. These cuppies were modeled after the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream bar. Taste just like it! Many people swear by it.

Although I did not win in any category, I walked away with several fans and new friends. Thanks everyone who showed up and supported me. I smiled so much that day. =)

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