Saturday, June 5, 2010


Congratulations to Thao & Nikki! In celebration of their graduation, they requested 50 "wise owl" cupcakes. I had the honor of joining our friends at their patio party in Huntington Beach. The night was warm, clear AND everyone was full of joy, smiles drawn from ear to ear. Thank you girls. We are all so proud!

The owls used for the cupcake toppers can be purchased at the etsy store MadeJustForYou. I commission 30 custom owls. The graduation caps were cut and added on later by myself.


Rachel Flores said...

I love your owl cupcake with the almond feathers!! How did you get the frosting on the cookie eyes to look so clean?

Animated Cupcakes said...

@Rachel Flores. Actually, those aren't cookie eyes. I made those base of the eyes out of chocolate fondant. The white of the eyes is actually white chocolate wafers and the pupil of the eyes are M&M's candies.

Anonymous said...

What is the nose made out of?

Animated Cupcakes said...

The nose is made of a large circle quin/sprinkle. It was broken in half. I found it at Michaels craft store. It comes in a bottle with multiple colors so you'll have to sort through and pick the orange ones out.

Alternatively I would recommend using candy like M&M's and breaking those in half. Might be easier and tastier.